Kommunikation, die ankommt!
Kommunikation, die ankommt! 

Company Profile

Kompass Gesundheitskommunikation provides writing, editing, and translation services as well as public relations for the oharma, healthcare, life science and technology markets. Kompass Gesundheitskommunikation is Dr. Elke Matuschek, freelance biologist and journalist, and a network of experienced partners for text, layout, translations, photo, video and web design projects.


Text and PR:

We provide a wide range of editorial and public relations services, such as trade magazine articles, news paper reports, press releases, press mailing lists, media contacts and agenda setting - with a special focus on German speaking countries.


Medical Writing, Medical and Science Journalism:

We offer medical writing services for pharmaceutical companies as well as medical and science journalism for trade magazines and publishing houses. 


Print and Web Solutions:

Together with our partners, we also take care of layout projects (print and web) as well as video and photo project.


Need more information?

Please contact us by telephone: +49 6201 871 6568

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